Frozen Custard Cakes

NewCustardCakes_300x200 Rita’s Frozen Custard Cakes make for an unforgettable event. They’re made fresh in-store, and are perfect for birthdays, holidays, special events, and Tuesdays. Pick one up today and be a custard cake superhero.

Mango Gelati Cake
Mango Italian Ice swirled with Vanilla Frozen Custard trimmed with rainbow sprinkles.

Cookies n Cream Blendini Cake
OREO Cookies n’ Cream Ice swirled with Vanilla Frozen Custard and topped with Mini OREO Cookies.

Chocolate Brownie Cake
Delicious Chocolate Custard mixed with hot fudge and brownie pieces, trimmed with chocolate crunchies.

Create your own!
Pick your favorite flavors of Italian Ice and Frozen Custard, and the topping of your choice!

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