Custard is Coming Back!

Rita’s Italian Ice Celebrates “Ice, Custard, Happiness”
with Custard’s Exciting Return

World’s Largest Italian Ice Concept Brings Custard Back to Stores Across the Country

 TREVOSE, Pa. (November 16, 2015) — Rita’s Italian Ice, the world’s largest Italian Ice concept with more than 600 stores, officially announced today that its signature Frozen Custard will return to stores nationwide. Beginning immediately, the company will phase Custard back into store menus with the hope of completing its transition in year-round locations by the end of 2015. Rita’s award-winning Frozen Custard will take the place of the premium Soft-Serve Ice Cream, which was temporarily incorporated into store menus earlier this summer as a result of a nationwide egg shortage.

“For a company whose mission is ‘ice, custard, happiness,’ you can only imagine how excited we are to announce Custard’s return,” said Jeff Moody, CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice. “We’ve been working tirelessly to find a solution to bring Custard back despite the nationwide egg shortage, and are grateful for our loyal fans’ patience during this process. Yet again, another testament to the amazing fans we have!”

The transition is expected to take place in two phases — phase one occurring throughout the remainder of 2015 for Rita’s year-round locations, and phase two occurring in the first quarter of 2016 as seasonal stores reopen across the country. Rita’s plans to mark the occasion of Frozen Custard’s return to its more than 600 stores as part of its annual First Day of Spring (FDOS) Free Italian Ice Giveaway.

Until all of our locations transition back to custard, some stores may still be offering our premium soft-serve ice cream in the meantime.  For more information and FAQs related to our premium soft-serve ice cream, please click here.


Is Frozen Custard back at all Rita’s stores?

Frozen Custard is beginning to make its “egg-cellent” return! It’s anticipated that all of Rita’s year-round locations will have custard back by the end of the year, and all 600 stores across the country will be serving custard in time for Rita’s first day of spring celebration! Stay tuned and check back often with your local store for updates on when Custard will make its triumphant return to your neighborhood.

When will Frozen Custard be back at my local Rita’s?

Custard will be returning to year-round stores by the end of 2015, and all seasonal locations will have custard when they re-open in 2016! Contact your local store for more information on its custard status.

Is the Frozen Custard back for good?

We’re not “yolking around,” Frozen Custard is really coming back! Of course, we can’t predict the future, but we don’t intend for our beloved custard to leave us again.

Is this the same Frozen Custard that Rita’s has always served?

Yes! We are happy to say that we’ve identified a stable supply of eggs to reintroduce our signature Frozen Custard to our guests (Woohoo!).

Are all Custard flavors available?

Absolutely! As we said before, we could never do without the twist! However, not all stores offer all flavors, so be sure to check with your local store to see if they have your favorite custard flavor!

Will the premium Soft-Serve Ice Cream remain on the menu?

While we’re sad to see the premium Soft-Serve Ice Cream go, it was just a temporary alternative. We’re built on “Ice, Custard, Happiness” after all!

Will there be a change in price?

Our goal is to maintain pricing for our guests; however, pricing is at the discretion of the individual franchise owner.

Is there still a nationwide egg shortage?

Unfortunately, many companies are still being affected by the nationwide egg shortage. We’re confident we’ve identified a permanent solution and a stable supply of eggs, but we’ll continue to monitor the situation so our beloved Custard is not affected again.

Does this Frozen Custard include eggs?

Yes! The egg in our Frozen Custard provides a rich, creamy flavor and texture — that’s what makes our product so unique!

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