Cool University

Cool University: School has never been cooler

Cool University (a.k.a. “Cool U”) is our state-of-the-art training facility where our Franchisees and Treat Team managers learn the art of happiness, and the finer points of successfully running a Rita’s store!

At Cool U, attendees receive personalized training and guidance from a dedicated team of Rita’s Education and Training specialists. This involves intensive onsite workshops, online courses, and hands-on training. Not only do our Franchisees learn how to make all of our famous treats, they are taught to exceed Guest service expectations and deliver the happiness that defines the Rita’s experience. When our Franchisees “graduate” from Cool University they have the knowledge and tools they need to succeed—not only as Franchisees, but also as stewards of our “Ice, Custard, and Happiness” brand promise.

As part of the Cool U program, Franchisees and Treat Team managers also train at one of our satellite Cool University Campuses. These designated Rita’s locations throughout our system offer the opportunity to work alongside seasoned Franchisees to gain invaluable hands on experience and insights in an actual working Rita’s environment.

In addition to being a state of the art training facility, Cool U also houses our in-house Research and Development Lab. This, as we like to say, is where the happiness happens. We are always working to develop, refine, and perfect exciting innovations and new product offerings to share with our Guests and Franchisees.

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