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Who is Rita? Does she really exist?

How do I get a job at my local Rita's? How old do you have to be to work there?

Why doesn't Rita's always have my favorite flavor?

Can I purchase Rita's Italian Ice and re-sell it?

Do Rita's locations stay open all year long?

What are Rita's store hours?

Is it possible to have your products shipped to me?

What is your most popular flavor?

Who should I contact to request event or community sponsorship?

Can I use the Rita's jingle as my ringtone?

What is Rita’s All-Natural Italian Ice?

Does All-Natural Italian Ice taste the same?

What is the difference between All-Natural Italian Ice and the rest of Rita’s Italian Ices?

Is the All-natural Italian Ice healthier than Rita’s original Italian Ice?

What All-Natural Italian Ice flavors are available?


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